Projects completed in 2006–2015

Project Researchers Funded
The EU Reference Budgets Network project (2014-2015) Alf Vanags, Ieva Moore, Lelde Jakobsone DG Employment
Radio Broadcasting in Latvia – economic analysis (2014) Alf Vanags, Anna Pļuta, Marija Krūmiņa NEPLP
Tax System Reform in Latvia (2013-2014) Alf Vanags, Anna Zasova, Anna Pļuta, Marija Krūmiņa Ministry of Economics
What happened to wages in Latvia’s “internal devaluation”? (2014) Alf Vanags, Andrejs Semjonovs, Anna Zasova European Court of Auditors
Development of an open, rule-based, predictable, non-discriminatory trading system Alf Vanags, Maija Kāle and Marija Grjazniha EuropeAid
Expert Evaluation network on the performance of cohesion policy 2007-2013 Alf Vanags, Ieva Moore and Ieva Valtmane DG Regio
Background on monitoring labour market developments in the EU: Latvia correspondent Alf Vanags and Lelde Jakobsone DG Employment
WEESP – Webtools for Evaluated Employment Services Practices (2012) Alf Vanags and Marija Grjazniha DG Employment
Latvia Competitiveness Report (2010-2012) Alf Vanags, Anders Paalzow, Zane Cunska, Konstantins Benkovskis, Krišjānis Krustiņš and Christian Ketels LR State Chancellery
EU Skills Panorama. Collection, analysis and processing of skills anticipation (2012) Alf Vanags and Ieva Moore DG Employment
Health at Work (2008-2012) Alf Vanags, Ieva Moore, Marija Krumina and Natalija Snapkauskaite 7th Framework Programme (FP7)
Evaluation of state enterprises in Latvia (2011-2012) Talis Putniņš and Alf Vanags LR State Chancellery
Cost benefit analysis of public libraries in Latvia (2011-2012) Alf Vanags State Agency „Kulturās Informācijas sistēmas”
Macroeconomic model: assessment of the impact of the EU funds in Latvia (2011) Alf Vanags and Anna Zasova Finance Ministry
Cohesion policy priorities 2014-20 (2011) Alf Vanags, Marija Krumina and Lelde Jakobsone Finance Ministry
Modelling the impact of EU Funds in Bulgaria (2011) Alf Vanags and Anna Zasova Bulgarian Cabinet of Ministers
Evaluation of guidelines for NCM Nordic Co-operation with the Baltic states & NW-Russia (2011) Alf Vanags and Ieva Moore Nordic Council of Ministers
Cargo Transport and Infrastructure in Latvia, Lithuania and Russia (2011) Alf Vanags and Vladimir Racejevs Stena Line Scandinavia AB
Measures for social inclusion of the elderly: case studies from Latvia and Lithuania (2010-2011) Marija Krumina and Alf Vanags Eurofound
Budget and Non-budget Social Costs of Drug Abuse in Latvia in 2008 (2010) Alf Vanags and Anna Zasova Centre of Health Economics
Economic Development of Ukraine: An Analytical Report (2009) Anna Zasova and Alf Vanags Swedbank
First Latvia’s Creative Industries Overview (2007) Anda Miķelsone, Alf Vanags, Sergejs Gubins Ministry of Culture of Latvia
RICAFE2:  Knowledge based entrepreneurship (2006-2009) Vyacheslav Dombrovsky, Alf Vanags and Olga Rastrigina 6th  Framework Programme
CRIPREDE:  Research and technological development in backward regions (2006-2009) Alf Vanags and Zane Cunska 6th  Framework Programme