Nellija Titova

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Nellija Titova is Research Associate at BICEPS, Senior Expert in Education at AND Advisory and Visiting Lecturer at Ventspils University College. Nellija Titova has been working in education for twentyone years working at the University of Latvia and the SSE Riga, serving in the State Education Development Agency and the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia. In her work with Structural Funds and the Minister of education and science, Nellija participated in a wide range of activities in education network and youth movement, making policy decisions and investing in content development, training, teaching staff, work with students, creativity projects, as well as infrastructure projects. While in charge of the Minister’s office, Nellija led discussions with social partners and the civil society. She continues her civil society work in the Latvian Chamber of Commerce as a Deputy Head of Knowledge Economy Council and as a member of Education Working Group at the Foreign Investment Council in Latvia. Nellija has been involved in several education, youth and labour market research projects and currently is doing her PhD thesis on “Intellectual Capital Efficiency Impact on Business Performance”.


E-mail: nellija.titova[at]