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The Monograph "Competitiveness of Latvian Enterprises in External Markets"

2018 03-09

The monograph “Competitiveness of Latvian Enterprises in External Markets” is a joint work of BICEPS researchers and SSE Riga graduates completed within the State Research Programme SUSTINNO project in the period 2014-2018.

The main objective of the monograph is to better understand the factors that promote exporting of the Latvian enterprises, as well as barriers that firms may face when entering export markets. The monograph consists of two parts. The first part examines similarities and differences between exporters and non-exporters and evaluates factors that affect firms’ propensity to export, with a particular focus on the role of EU fund investments and tax evasion. The second part provides a more general analysis of determinants of efficiency and competitiveness of the Latvian enterprises. Download the monograph


2018 13-12

Title: The effects of youth unemployment on poverty in later life in Europe

Speaker: Hanna Vakhitova (Kiyv School of Economics)

Place: 611

Joint BICEPS and SSE Riga Seminar Series welcomes researchers working on theoretical or empirical topics in all fields, but especially on transitional economies. If you are interested in presenting your research in our research seminar series, please e-mail your proposal to Nicolas Gavoille at

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