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 BJE Spring-Summer 2003 


  • Foreword - Kenneth Smith


  • External Macroeconomic Shocks and the Estonian Economy: How did the Russian Financial Crisis Affect Estonian Unemployment and Foreign Trade? - Raul Eamets, Urmas Varblane, Kaja Sõstra
  • Changes in Estonian Income Distribution: A Demographic Analysis - Lisa Wilder and Mare Viies
  • Part-time Employment and Underemployment in the Latvian Labour Market - Jelena Popova, Olga Rastrigina, Ija Trapeznikova
  • Latvian Accession to the EU: some Guesstimates of the Impact - Alf Vanags
  • The Political Consequences of EU Accession for the Baltic States - Daunis Auers
  • Judicial and Legislative Process and Estonian Accession - Michael Gallagher

Book Reviews

  • Handbook on Economics, Political Science and Sociology (1989 – 2001) (Editors: Max Kaase and Vera Sparschuh, co-editor: Agnieszka Wenninger) - Kenneth Smith
  • Reforming Economics and Economics Teaching in the Transition Economies: From Marx to Markets in the Classroom (Editors: Michael Watts and William B. Walstad) - Kenneth Smith


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