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2019-06-13 Marta Khomin (University Technology Sydney) The rise of trading on close: drivers and price discovery implications 611 17:00-18:30
2019-06-06 Boris Ginzburg (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) Counting on My Vote Not Counting: Expressive Voting in Committees 611 17:00-18:30
2019-05-23 Mihails Hazans (University of Latvia)

Tax Incentives to Encourage Corporate Investment in Latvia

611 17:00-18:30
2019-05-02 Alexander Tarasov (Higher School of Economics) Trade and the Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure 611 17:00-18:30
2019-04-18 Johannes Van Ommeren (VU Amsterdam) Short-term rentals and the housing market: Quasi-experimental evidence from Airbnb in Los Angeles 611 17:00-18:30
2019-04-04 Maryna Tverdostup (University of Innsbruck) Diagnostic uncertainty and insurance in credence goods markets 611 17:00-18:30
2019-03-21 Gauthier Vermandel (Université Paris Dauphine) Weather Shocks 411 17:00-18:30
2019-03-07 Michele Valsecchi (New Economic School, Moscow) To Russia with Love? The Impact of Sanctions on Elections 611 17:00-18:30
2019-02-14 Tālis Putniņš (SSE Riga) Exchange traded funds: A free lunch for active fund managers? 611 17:00-18:30
2019-02-07 Inta Mieriņa (University of Latvia) The Civic Consequences of Migration: Social and Political Participation of Latvians At Home and Abroad 611 17:00-18:30
2019-01-24 Askill Harkjerr Halse (Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), Oslo) Local Candidates and Distributive Politics under Closed-list Proportional Representation 611 17:00-18:30
2019-01-10 Egle Jakucionyte (Bank of Lithuania) Productivity of Lithuanian Firms after Joining the EU: the Firm-level Data 611 17:00-18:30
2018-12-13 Hanna Vakhitova (Kiyv School of Economics) The effects of youth unemployment on poverty in later life in Europe 611 17:00-18:30
2018-11-29 Swarnodeep Homroy (University of Groningen) Is there Bias in the Boardroom? Gender and Corporate Boards 611 17:00-18:30
2018-11-15 Arieda Muco (Central European University) Learn from thy Neighbor: Do Voters Associate Corruption with Political Parties? 611 17:00-18:30
2018-11-01 Martin Adler (VU University Amsterdam) Roads, market access and regional economic developmen 611 17:00-18:30
2018-10-23 Lucija Muehlenbachs (University of Calgary) The Accident Externality from Trucking: Evidence from Shale Gas Development 611 17:00-18:30
2018-10-11 Jaan Masso (University of Tartu) Foreign Owned Firms in Corrupt Environments:  Effects on Decision to Invest and Firm Performance 611 17:00-18:30
2018-09-20 Louis Wierenga (University of Tartu) Tweeting leadership: Party leadership and Twitter engagement of Baltic far-right parties 611 17:00-18:30


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