Conference: Experts discussed the “brain gain” topic using findings from a four-year study conducted in the Baltics

The research team at BICEPS is working on a project on the ‘brain drain – brain gain’ process for the Baltics, in particular Latvia, by studying human capital gain and loss resulting from mobility.

On June 9th, 2022, SSE Riga hosted a conference on “Remigration and Brain Gain in the Baltics” and researchers as well as invited experts talked about the results of an extensive four-year study on brain gain and return migration in the Baltics (based on 10000 survey respondents, and 180 interviews).

Going abroad is about challenging oneself, fulfilling one’s dream, and adventure. The challenge can be social, cultural, academic or even athletic for those who leave Latvia on athletic scholarships. In recent years, the dream of going abroad has become very real. Social media also plays a role in making this experience more tempting and accessible.

But do migrants want to return to the Baltics after time spent studying and living abroad and what do employers think of return migrants?

Remote work and technological developments have opened up new opportunities to attract return migrants, as well as other migrants to the Baltics. Are countries strategically thinking about how to benefit from new skills, world views, and experiences?

The project is supported by the Latvian Council of Science. FLPP Nr. Lzp-2018/1-0486 “Remigrācija un Intelektuālais ieguvums Latvijā/ Remigration and Brain gain in Latvia”.

Video recording of the conference: