Recently completed projects (2015–2021)

Project Researchers Funded
InTEL: Institutions and Tax Enforcement in Latvia (2018-2021) Nicolas Gavoille, Vitalijs Jascisens, Arnis Sauka, Anna Zasova, Anna Pļuta, Marija Krūmiņa Latvian Council of Science
Excise Tax Policy in the Baltic Countries: Alcoholic Beverages, Soft Drinks and Tobacco Products (2020) Anna Pļuta, Mihails Hazans, Irēna Emīlia Švilpe, Anna Zasova, Arnis Sauka Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Development of a methodology for expanding the range of territorial statistics (2019-2020) Sergejs Gubins, Anna Zasova, Marija Krūmiņa, Anna Pļuta Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Merging Latvian EUROMOD with CGE model (2017-2019) Anna Pļuta, Anna Zasova, Oļegs Matvejevs The Bank of Latvia
Estimating budget and social costs of psychoactive substance abuse in Latvia (2018) Anna Pļuta, Anna Zasova Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Developing e-learning study material on fighting undeclared economy (2017-2018) Arnis Sauka, Anna Zasova The Latvian School of Public Administration
National Research Programme “Innovation and sustainable development: Latvia’s post-crisis experience in a global context (SUSTINNO)” (2014-2017) Alf Vanags (until 2016), Marija Krūmiņa, Tālis Putniņš, Anna Zasova, Anna Pļuta, Sergejs Gubins. State budget
Taskforce on fighting inequality in Latvia. (In co-operation with SSE Riga and SSE Riga Centre for Media Studies). (2017-2018) Anna Pļuta and Anna Zasova SSE Riga Centre for Media Studies
EUROMOD extension to indirect taxation (2017) Anna Zasova (in collaboration with ISER, University of Essex) European Commission
Effective social harmonization as a boost for employability in times of demographic changes (2016) Ieva Moore (Alf Vanags – until 2016) Nordic Council of Ministers
The rise of the dual labour market: fighting precarious employment in the new member states through industrial relations (PRECARIR) (2015) Alf Vanags, Marija Krūmiņa, Māra Bukovska, Linda Vildava DG Employment